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Have you been thinking about how to help develop emerging HR professionals and opportunities to share your lessons learned and career experiences? If so, consider learning more about the opportunity to become a mentor to one of our Emerging Professionals! 

We will be offering two opportunities this year to sign-up as a mentor and be paired with an Emerging Professional who has interests in similar areas of HR or industry sector. The program is designed to meet the busy lives of both mentors and mentees with flexibility on how your mentoring relationship is designed. To learn more, view the resources below.

Program Resources
 Program Length

This program is designed to be a one-year relationship, and can continue on an informal basis indefinitely.  All discussions, information and content shared between the mentor and mentee should remains confidential. 

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Mentor Application

Mentors should have at least ten (10) years of experience as a human resource practitioner, and identify your special areas of expertise to assist in the matching process.

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Mentee Application

Mentees should be employed full time as a human resource professional and have less than five years of professional experience.

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